Historic Hotel Greybull
Historic Hotel Greybull

Our Economy Rooms

Each of our Economy rooms has a personality unto itself.  They are brightly lit, and include original furniture from the hotel's early years. Each includes a queen-size bed, shower, washbasin, and coffee pot. The rooms do not have toilets, but have access to beautifully restored shared water closets.  


These rooms run from $65.00 - $70.00 per night for two occupants. Each additional occupant is $5.00 per night.  

Should you exceed the maximum capacity, there will be a charge of $50.00 per night per additional guest above the Maximum Occupancy.

All rooms are non-smoking.  Up to two pets allowed for an additional fee. 


Our rooms are managed, booked, and paid through the Reservation Nexus system. All our room links will lead you into that system. 

Room 21 - The  Joe Carey Room

Joe Carey was a Greybull entrepreneur who owned the Hotel beginning in 1927. He was famous for his rum running escapades in the 1920’s, among other things.  This corner window room overlooks the main street of Greybull and is furnished much as it was in 1916. It has a luxury Queen–size bed, includes the original wash sink, and a recently added private shower for your convenience. The water closet is just steps down the hall.  Maximum Occupancy: 2

Room 22 - The Midwest Oil Room

Oil was the boom that created the town and so much of its history. Midwest Oil was the first oil company in Greybull. Oil tycoons were the businessmen who built many of the original buildings. In this room, relax in the comfortable Queen bed, read a good book or catch up on your email with our free wireless connection. This room has a wash basin and shower for your convenience.  The water closet is just steps down the hall. Maximum Occupancy: 2

Room 23 - Chief Greybull Room

His Crow name was Chiilapxiilish and it is said that is where we got our name from - him and the Grey Buffalo that roamed the area.  Our sunny window room has a luxury Queen size bed with a wash basin and shower. The toilet is just steps outside your door. Maximum Occupancy: 2

Room 24 - Sheriff Burgess Room

A.C. Burgess was “the Law” in the 1920’s. This was during the time of Prohibition, in which alcohol was banned. Sheriff Burgess never had much luck in rounding up the bootleggers of the day, because they were always able to stay a step ahead! This was due in part to the underground tunnels during that time, including to the Speakeasy that was in the basement. (It's still running today, and with an excellent - and legal - wine list!). This private corner room has large windows for view and sunshine. Outfitted with a luxury King bed, sink, and shower you will wake up refreshed for the day. The toilet is just outside your door. Maximum Occupancy: 2

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